Ioanna Tsilili is a life seeker living between science and art.

Founder of TSILILIS TERRES winery-distillery at Meteora, Greece www.tsililisterres.com

Emerging film director, screenwriter and actor.

Personal note

Growing up in a home where food, home-made, was very important and dad’s jacket smelled always something between tobacco, fennel and roses, I remember myself always blending, mixing, tasting, smelling, touching, squeezing, searching, observing vibrant-colored rags, shaping butter cookie dough, secretly putting-on my mam’s perfumes, covering my body with white mud at Myrto’s beach, touching basil leaves, smelling lilac flowers, doing handstands on fresh-cut grass, dancing labada, losing myself into Miró’s paintings, going to church to smell to myrrh and frankincense, staying awake late at nights to watch films…

Caressing dogs,
listening to philosophical conversation during long Greek summer nights,
waiting to taste new-born strawberries,
coloring red my nails,
smashing apricots and cherries to make a face mask,
playing the Cats as a young ballerina,
watching my mom making gemista,
the smell of fried green bell peppers,
the color of wild berries,
the touch of fine sand,
the taste of the bubbles in sparkling wines,
the tear caressing my cheek when listening to the Doors,
the earthy smell of oak,
the river crossing the woods,
sun-kissed hair,
swimming in emerald waters,
eating raw cake mix,
biker jackets, pink bicycles,
emerging my hands in yeast and must mixture, watching cartoons,
wandering around in museums for hours,
having long showers,
blending wine,
listening to the secret music of nature,
feeling the breeze touching my hair,
iced coffee on the patio,
observing life,
taking pictures to capture moments,
making films to hold time…


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